Air Force Times
‘Rescue’ gives pilot’s-eye view of C-17 mission
By Amber James
“Capt. Lauren Ross never expected IMAX 3D cameras to follow her every move when she agreed to let a film crew shoot footage from her C-17. She figured the flight would be like others she had flown with media types onboard: Go up, get video, come down. She figured wrong.”
The girl in the purple dress: a big-screen tour of the Haitian tragedy
By Jay Stone
“[Rescue 3D is] a 45-minute documentary about people who work saving lives – they include the crew of the Canadian ship the HMCS Athabaskan, which was part of the humanitarian effort – that uses Haiti to show what they do. The film includes vast, big-screen images of devastation, but its personal stories are mostly those of the rescuers.”

VIPs for the Day
By Michelle Shockley
“Carliesha, Brad, Zach, Viyolla, and Sara visited the St. Louis Science Center and had the wonderful opportunity to be some of the first in St. Louis to view the new Omnimax film, Rescue: Disaster Response.”
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KPLR 11 St. Louis
New IMAX Movie ‘Rescue’ Stars St. Louis Pilot
“A new IMAX film opens in St. Louis this week called ‘Rescue’. It deals with the response to huge natural disasters. One of the people in the film is USAF captain Lauren Ross. She hails from the area and flies a C17 for the air mobility command.”
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Great Day St. Louis
Fair St. Louis & “Rescue” Pilot
“[W]e’re talking to Air Force Captain Lauren Ross, one of the featured pilots in the new IMAX movie, ‘Rescue.'”
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St. Louis Today
Documentary of heroic Haiti relief inspires
By Dian Toroian Keaggy
“The Air Force Academy does not offer a course in natural disasters. Still, when a massive earthquake stuck Haiti in January 2010, Air Force personnel were among the first on the ground, delivering supplies and search dogs and ferrying refugees to safety.”

The Halifax Herald
Quake shapes Rescue
By Andrea Nemetz
“The footage captured by [Director Stephen] Low and his team puts the viewer in the midst of the devastation.”

Ottawa Magazine
WEB EXCLUSIVE: A Q&A with RESCUE 3D director Stephen Low
By Kathleen Black
“The latest film from Canadian IMAX director Stephen Low, RESCUE 3D uses captivating images to give viewers a glimpse into the life and work of rescue workers.”

The Central Record
‘Rescue’ documents heroic efforts in disasters
By Rita Manno
“The film documentary ‘Rescue’ is not so much about global disasters, including the earthquake in Haiti, but about the rescuers and volunteers — their skills and determination.”

Times Colonist
Film captures Haiti relief effort
By Jeff Bell
“Peter Crain and Lauren Ross will bring a personal perspective on Haitian relief work to the Imax Theatre this weekend.”

Temple Terrace Patch
Todd Anderson Shares His Experience in Earthquake-Stricken Haiti
By Elizabeth A. Leib
“When the seven-point earthquake shook Haiti 16 miles from Port-au-Prince on Jan. 12 at 4:53 p.m., Todd Anderson didn’t know what to do.”