Stephen Low

Stephen Low never tackles the simple subjects. This Montreal-based filmmaker has strapped cameras to the surfboards of world-champion surfers (The Ultimate Wave Tahiti); put a camera right in the cockpit of a screamingly fast Indy car (Super Speedway); he’s taken audiences closer than any camera has ever been to birds in flight (Skyward); delivered more experiences in the IMAX® 3D medium than any other director; and he’s one of a relatively small number of human beings privileged enough to have traveled to the abyssal depths of the ocean — first, to film the wreck site of the Titanic for his film Titanica, and then to the Mid Ocean Ridge to tell the story of the discovery and exploration of hydrothermal vents in Volcanoes of the Deep Sea. These are just a few of the highlights from an extraordinary career.

His filmography includes more than fifteen giant screen films and over three decades of work shaping extraordinary experiences for audiences around the world. Stephen Low’s attention to his craft, storytelling passion and innovative approach to filmmaking have resulted in over 75 awards worldwide, including a Kodak Vision Award for Lifetime Achievement. Low’s unique creative vision and storytelling ability, together with his persistence on typically complex and large-scale projects, has yielded an extraordinary body of work recognized and enjoyed by audiences everywhere.

Pietro L. Serapiglia

In his 30-year career, producer Pietro L. Serapiglia has been at the forefront of developing, producing and distributing films.

In 1974, Serapiglia joined the National Film Board of Canada, where he was involved with such films as the critically acclaimed UNIVAC United Nations Series (1976), two Academy-Award nominated films: First Winter (1980) and Gwynne Dyer’s series Goodbye War (1981). He studied production management and producing at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles, and returned to Montreal to create music videos for CBS, RCA, and Atlantic Records. At the time Serapiglia’s videos were widely acclaimed and played regularly on the newly born Much Music and MTV.

His first IMAX experience was River Journey (1983), which was presented at the Louisiana World’s Fair. Serapiglia began partnering with director Stephen Low in 1986 and their prolific collaboration has resulted in many award-winning, profitable, IMAX films: Beavers (1987), Flight of the Aquanaut (1992), the first IMAX feature length Titanica (1993), Super Speedway (1997), Mark Twain’s America 3D (1998), Wolves (1999), Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003), Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (2005), Legends of Flight 3D (2010) and Rescue (2011).

Alexander Low

Alexander Low is a film producer, writer, media designer and marketer with over 25 years experience in the production and distribution of films for the giant screen. Low began his career working in feature film production and has written, produced and consulted on more than a dozen giant screen projects in 2D and 3D, including: from Emergency (1988), Titanica (1992), Super Speedway (1997), Mark Twain’s America 3D (1998), and Bears (2001) among others. Low co-produced the ground-breaking deep-ocean film Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003) and more recently The Ultimate Wave Tahiti 3D (2010). Low spearheads the development of new projects for The Stephen Low Company and is engaged in worldwide marketing for the firm’s giant screen experiences.

Dougal Caron
Production Executive

Dougal Caron is a production executive with over 25 years of live entertainment and film experience. As Vice President of Finance at the Stephen Low Company, Dougal Caron oversees all aspects of production financing, accounting, distribution and tax credits.

Caron began her career in 1979 employed in various production roles and management positions on live entertainment performances around the world. She has worked on local and international concerts with such acclaimed artists and bands such as Pat Benatar, Journey, Billy Squier, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson and the Rolling Stones. By 1987 Caron focused her burgeoning managerial career exclusively in film and worked on features such as Agnes of God and Oh Heavenly Dog.

In 1991 Dougal joined Director Stephen Low’s production team and her administrative leadership, has helped set the standard in cutting-edge, large format documentaries. Her credits include several critically acclaimed and award-winning IMAX films: Flight of the Aquanaut (1992), Titanica (1993), Super Speedway (1997), Mark Twain’s America 3D (1998), Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003), Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag (2005), Legends of Flight 3D (2010) and Rescue (2011).

Jan Baird
Executive Producer

Jan Baird has extensive experience in the formation of alliances between public and private sectors for the purpose of enhancing the effectiveness and cost efficiency of their projects and messages. Before forming Partnership Marketing in 1993, Baird held executive positions in corporate and non-profit organizations, raising millions of dollars for a wide range of projects. She also has extensive experience in public policy and issues management. Partnership Marketing has worked with K2 Communications since its inception to secure and manage partnerships for a variety of projects including the IMAX® films, Everest, Adventures in Wild California, Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, and Legends of Flight.

Baird’s exposure to flight was at a young age, as she sat in the cockpit of the first T-38 during its rollout ceremony at Edwards Air Force Base. Her father, recipient of a Distinguished Flying Cross during WWII, was chief experimental test pilot for Northrop Aircraft and flew the first test on the T-38 as well as the A9A and F-5.

Bob Kresser
Executive Producer

In 1996, after more than 20 years in the advertising industry, Bob Kresser launched K2 Communications with the vision of developing socially responsible programming and content that is entertaining, educational and inspirational — content that would have broad appeal and lasting value. Executive Producer of Legends of Flight, K2 has multiple large format film credits, including Everest, Adventures in Wild California and Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag. A proven leader in the large format industry, CEO Kresser and his team bring a wealth of success and experience in all aspects of production, distribution and marketing. With vision and insight, Bob Kresser has established K2 Communications as a leading edge multi-faceted shop, specializing in emerging non-traditional media programming, for both large format and digital theaters, Video on Demand, Interactive Media, branded content and High Definition television and DVD. In addition, K2 licenses a library of over 50 IMAX® films converted to high definition format to broadcast and cable networks, and airlines worldwide, and produces the first comprehensive large format film industry web site,