What Teachers Are Saying about Rescue
“Unreal! It sent so many good messages to the importance of humanitarian efforts.” – 9th Grade Teacher

“Rescue complements classroom efforts to teach cooperation, and working for the greater good.” – 11th Grade Teacher

“Rescue best complements efforts to teach values and preference to students, in addition to math and science, by showcasing new technology.” – 4th Grade Teacher

“Unreal views of Haiti.” – Middle School Teacher

“Rescue helps high school age students look to career paths and see their education as part of the process.” – High School Teacher

About the Educator’s Guide
The Rescue Educator’s Guide is for teachers, community group leaders and museum educators who work with upper elementary and middle school-aged students. The Guide addresses these four questions

What is a disaster? This section includes hands-on activities regarding the earthquake in Haiti, other disasters that happen around the world, and the science behind how disasters happen.

How is the human body affected by disaster? This section includes hands-on activities regarding first responder emergency care and the health and science issues that need to be addressed in the day and weeks following a disaster.

How do we rescue? This section includes hands-on activities regarding emergency equipment, vehicles, communication, and planning.

Who are the rescuers? This section includes brief biographies of some of the rescuers featured in the film so that students can get to know these inspirational people, and find out about how they might one day pursue similar careers.

Please download our Educator’s Guide for background information and hands-on activities designed to build on students’ enthusiasm about the film. Activities match National Science and Math Education Standards.

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